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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is committed to safeguarding your personal information. We have provided below our policies regarding collecting your data from the company that provides our Cadillac Escalade Limo NJ service. This will assist you in understanding and show the care we put into protecting your privacy.

It is vital to be aware that you are legally bound by our terms and conditions when you use our website in compliance with the privacy policies. Suppose you utilize our website to make reservations on behalf of a business or organization of any kind. In that case, it is crucial to know that our terms and conditions also require that the person respect our privacy guidelines.

If you don’t agree with any of the conditions listed below, you should cease using this site. Continued use of this site constitutes acceptance and acknowledgment of these conditions. The way we approach this website is to provide you with the following details:

  • What can we do to collect and use the data we already have?
  • We do not care if we disclose any information.
  • Who is responsible for processing any personal data submitted on this site?
  • How can you erase or change personal information?
  • How can we secure your private information?

What are the definitions of personal information?

The information we guard on this site is any personal information that could allow someone or an entity to contact you or gain knowledge regarding you. This includes your name and address along with your phone number. The personal data you are protected includestails about your insurance, credit card details, secondary contact information, and many other details.

You can visit our website to view our Cadillac Escalade Limo NJ service. No personal information is required. Visitors can access any information or image on our site for free, and they are not required to return any communication. If someone requests data, materials, or reserves one of our Cadillac Escalade Limo NJ services through our site, their personal information is collected.

We recommend that you make a reservation through our website as soon as possible to ensure you can secure every limousine or service that we provide on the dates you desire. To create a complete and accurate reservation, you will be required to give us user data. User data is information that includes contact details as well as information about the primary passenger/payee for the reservation.

After you have entered your personal information and a profile is created. This allows future reservations to be made easily by logging in with an account username or profile.

Who can access your personal information?

We collect information from website users who visit our website, and we gather their IP address and the information they provide when they sign up for profiles or reserve. If any information is entered into our website, we may contract with another company for maintenance, ongoing operation, and enhancement of our brand new website.

Information we supply to anyone outside of our organization is legally bound. Outside organizations do not possess any legal rights to the data, nor are they allowed lawfully or morally to use any information we provide for any other purpose except to manage and maintain our website. There are times when individuals’ data can be obtained from another reservation source; we ensure that all authorizations and rights have been granted to us to gather and utilize this information. You are entitled to inquire with a different reservation agent to obtain our NJ limo service. We recommend you review their privacy policies and ensure that the personal information you supply is secure. It is your responsibility to check the policies of other organizations as we’re not in charge of their privacy protection or security.

How is information disclosed to outside entities?

Information we share with third-party companies is not the property of third-party businesses. Instead, they have the lawful authority to use the data and information provided to them for purposes of managing and analysis. The data we collect from our website can be used to track the number of people visiting the site and the patterns of their visits and make administrative decisions.

It is vital to remember that data we’ve collected could be part of any merger or sale of businesses. Be aware that there are instances in which vast amounts of data could be disclosed to third-party companies to be used for promotions, administrations, and many others. Data disclosure does not intend to identify individuals or organizations; however, it is intended to allow all data to be reviewed in one spot.

Data collection, use, and distribution control

You are free to manage your data. If you’d like information about the details of which data yours has been collected and how it’s being utilized or dispersed shortly, feel at ease to reach us. It’s equally crucial to inform us whether you would prefer not to receive marketing materials from us, like mailers or emails via mail. We respect your wish to remain private and will gladly accommodate requests for personal information. So, please get in touch with us with any questions or suggestions aboutdisseminatingf your personal information.

You can change or delete your personal information.

You have several options to update your personal information stored on our site and managed by our administrators. Your profile allows you to alter information regarding your contact details, reservation information, and passenger information. Additionally, you can further modify your username or password for your profile on our website to ensure your private information is secure and secure.

Another way to change your personal information on our website is to communicate with us directly. Before any data is altered or modified, it is necessary to verify your identity. When any information is changed, we can ask you some security questions when you call us via phone. Please inform us that we don’t know their privacy policies if we make contact via the internet or through another third party. Before you provide personal data to them via the contact methods they use, be sure you’re aware of their company’s policies.

This privacy policy can be modified at any time. We will notify our users and solicit their permission for any modifications.

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